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August 20 2014


Time Matters For Students

Students now have the option to gain knowledge as well as college degrees through online learning programs. Distance learning has made lives easier while giving a golden opportunity for students to learn irrespective of where they live. Whether it is the traditional learning or the e-learning methods, deadlines are a crucial part which brings us to the question; does it really matter how long a student takes to learn?

The e-learning system gives flexibility to students to choose when and how they want to study. Just like every student has his own strengths and weaknesses, they also have different levels of ability to learn and understand things. Therefore, while some students would feel comfortable with the recent e-learning methods others would not. They would rather prefer to study through the conventional methods of taking classes. So there is nothing wrong or right in that. It’s just the fact that every student operates differently. If you’re short on time and think you can’t write it yourself than pay someone to write an essay, so you can spend that time in strengthening your skills.

Online courses are good if you are able to keep a check and balance on your weaknesses about a particular course and work to improve. In a classroom setting, usually teachers pick those weaknesses in students and concentrate on those things such as writing skills needed for an essay. They observe which student is lacking in a particular course and then develop solutions to the problem.

Clearly like anything else, both the methods of learning have their own advantages and disadvantages. The retention of the knowledge is more important than the choice of any method or the time spent on each course. Situations differ and that’s why e-learning is more convenient for students who have a full time or a part time job. They want to earn money while studying to move ahead in their professional career. The supporters of the traditional learning system would always favor the scheduled class learning and interactive sessions between students and teachers.  But what actually matters in the end is how much a student has learned whether he gained education through the conventional learning system of e-learning. The prospects of both types of learning are bright given that the student comes out to be good at the subject.



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