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February 27 2014


The computer technology has produced dozens of opportunities for many people

Traditionally, students while working on their assignment and projects, they use to visits library and archives to refer to research papers and other published work and books to complete their assignments.  But, now day’s students are highly dependent of computers because with new and innovative development in technology education sectors has dramatically improved. Now students can connect to different universities globally and can listen to online lectures and study while sitting at home (Hoffman, Novak and Venkatesh). Apart from organizations, universities and all other educational institutions are focusing toward creating paper less environment.

These universities have employed different software that helps in processing each student’s information. Not only online education and universities, but computers are very popular within students who make their projects are thesis. Computers and internet has made it easier for students to research about any subject. It has become a reflex action that if any unfamiliar subject rises, the first thing a person do is turn on the internet. This shows that how much we rely on computer and internet technology these days.

Since almost every one uses a computer and have an access to internet and large number of people uses computers to socialize, therefore many organizations are dependent on only internet advertisements because of its low cost and most of their target audience uses computers and internet rather then using print media or television. Since many years automobile sector is dependent on computers. They designed the assembling process of automobiles and computer operated machinery assemble the automobiles easily.

Same is the case with textile designing industry, designs are developed with the help of different computer software and computer operated machinery prints the design on fabric (Streeter). There are many people who have started their own small businesses and promoted them locally over social networking websites. This shows that computer technology has created lots of self employment opportunities for many people. 

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