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The economy as a whole has improved with the help of computers

Organizations have also developed networks within their boundaries where employees can share data with each other which is called as intranet. This has also make communication possible within the organization. With rising demands of different organizations scientist come up with such technology which connects all the employees with in the organizations, this technology is known as networking. With the help of this it became possible for employee to connect easily and without consuming time.

This also make easier for organization to make decision. Organization that works globally connects to their offices around world through computers and internet. Teleconferencing and video conferencing are becoming popular with each passing day, because now people prefer doing business meeting while remaining in their home country. When internet was introduced and World Wide Web technology, different organizations come up with the concept of moving globally.

 Therefore, many businesses are starting to develop their own websites where they can share their company information and sell their products easily (Streeter). This also make easier for house hold to do shopping for their daily needs while sitting at home. With the help of computers, the economy as a whole has improved. There are many online training facilities available where many people listen to online seminars and learn different skills. Similarly different organizations when hire overseas employees, there initial interview are usually taken over computer through teleconferencing and video conferencing. Though globally employment rate is decreasing but with the help of computer and internet technology there are many people who work online while sitting at home.

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